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  • Integrated FlashDisc improves stability and accuracy
  • FlashDisc gives the bait true balsa-like action without compomising on durability
  • Chemically sharpened and ultra strong Fusion19 hooks
  • Irrisistable action when trolling, cranking, twitching or jerking
  • Eye-popping colors
  • 70mm version suplied with twin Treble fusion hooks.
  • 50mm version supplied with twin Single hooks.

Berkley Hit Stick Sinking Lure

PriceFrom £6.99
  • 70mm Sinking Lure * 2 x Treble Hooks*

    Length: 70mm

    Weight: 6.9g

    Swim Depth 0.8m - 2.0m


    50mm Sinking Lure * 2 x Single Hooks*

    Length:  50mm

    Weight: 4.2g

    Swim Depth: 0.8m - 2.0m


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