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Made from tubular carbon fibre, and providing a dedicated, exclusive attachment for Delkim bite alarms, both past and present, these neat, versatile snag bars offer you complete, flexible fishing, whatever your angling discipline or style. Featuring stainless steel caps and nylon sliders, and pared back to provide just the attachments you need to make your bite alarms fully effective, and completely efficient, these snag bars combine form and function to offer you a practical, stylish bankside essential that is ideal to add to your angling arsenal.  The Safe-D snag bars also make a great gift for the angler in your life, at any time of year.

A brilliant bit of kit that’s light yet durable, the Delkim Safe-D Carbon Snag Bars provide individual fitting, giving you the ultimate rod support that’s fully protective, and completely secure.  You’re not just buying a rod accessory; when you buy these snag bars from Delkim, you’re buying bankside peace of mind.

While Delkim may have moved on from their bait-brand beginnings, but they’ve taken with them the innovation and commitment to quality that first made the brand famous, applying it perfectly to bite alarms, and upping the game of anglers everywhere, just as they did with the bait flavours that first made their name.  With a commitment to improving and building on the range offered, whilst always keeping it relevant to their core product, Delkim have now started making bite alarm accessories, bringing their considerable knowledge and experience to bear on a product that boosts the angling advantage already afforded by fishing with a Delkim bite alarm.

The Safe-D Carbon Snags feature holders, which are built in to a replacement battery door, and which allow Delkim hard covers to be fitted quickly and easily, giving you complete, all-weather protection for your bite alarm, along with total peace of mind that, no matter how rough and wild the weather gets, nothing will stop your Delkim alarms from providing outstanding, reliable performance, take after take.

Delkim Safe D Carbon Snag Bars

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