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After an intensive design and field testing programme the Opal SlimLite Indication Set is the most technically advanced visual indication system that Delkim have made so far. It will appeal to both the carp and specimen angler alike.
The Opal SlimLite Indication Set comprises: the Opal SlimLite Illuminating Hanger, 'C-Slot' drag weights and the SlimCarb Hanger Stabiliser, designed to be used together in all conditions but still allowing the Opal SlimLite to be used solely as a hanger if required.

The Opal SlimLite Indication Set extends the Delkim exclusive range of unique illuminating visual hangers. Features include the Dual Function, magnetic line clip which ensures the Opal SlimLite remains attached to the line until the strike is made; the totally unique Tilt 'N' Slide action that allows unrestricted movement of the Opal SlimLite hanger; and a set of three 'C-Slot' drag weights that can be added at any time without detaching the Opal SlimLite from the line.

The super lightweight Illuminating Opal SlimLite Hanger can be used totally free hanging but when connected to the unique Tilt 'N' Slide SlimCarb stabiliser, it enables use in all conditions. The dual function magnetic line clip allows two options, free running or releasably gripped. When the line is gripped it releases on a take into the free running position allowing the Opal SlimLite to stay attached until the strike is made. The Opal SlimLite is available in all six LED colours, replicating all LED functions of the Delkim alarm, including continuous Night Marking, all without the need for additional batteries. The Opal SlimLite's opalised light dispersing body is visible in all conditions particularly when illuminated at night.


Fits any Plus range alarm.

Replicates all alarm LED functions.

Flashing, Latching and Night Marking.

Integral LED.

No additional batteries required.

Patented dual function magnetic line clip.

Running and releasably gripped.

Ideal for slack lining.

Remains attached to line until strike is made.

Patented super slim CatFlex 2 cable assembly.

Threaded to take included 'C-slot' drag weights (3, 5 & 10 grams).

Delkim Slimlite Opal Indicator Sets (Assorted Colours)

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