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Drennan Quickstop Carp Match Hair Rigs, Carp Match Quickstop Rigs are perfect for fishing pellets, meat, sweetcorn and small boilies on the pole. The hair length on these rigs is matched to individual hook size & the stops are precision made. Used with a Drennan Pushstop Pusher, they are one of the quickest and most efficient ways of baiting up and fishing hair rigs.


  • Eyed, Barbless Carp Match Hooks
  • Tied to 12inch/30cm mono
  • Extra strong, extra soft mono
  • Special bend &extra long curved point
  • Excellent hooking &holding
  • Super High Carbon Wire
  • Ideal for pellets, meat, sweetcorn, small boilies
  • 8 Rigs per pack

Drennan Barbless Pushstop Carp Match Hair Rigs

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