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Drennan Carp Bungee Pole Elastic is a tubular, twin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer.
You get 3m of elastic per pack and Bungee Beads are included for ease of attachment to the line. Full instructions are also included in each pack.
The Complete Bungee Range:
Aqua - 4-6 F1 & Silverfish Bungee (1.5mm)
Green - 6-8 Carp Bungee (1.8mm)
Yellow - 10-12 Carp Bungee (2.1mm)
Pink - 14-16 Carp Bungee (2.5mm)
Red  - 18-20 Carp Bungee (2.9mm)
Orange - 25+ Power Bungee (3.6mm)

Drennan Bungee Assorted Pole Elastic

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