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Three varieties of this groundbait are available – Match Original, Match Black and Specimen Mix. The two match versions are quite fine in consistency and, as they are packed full of hemp particles and oils, they prove irresistible to all species, especially carp, chub, barbel, roach and tench. For larger fish, or times when you expect to get a lot of bites, you should choose the Specimen Mix version. It has slightly larger food particles to it than the other two ground baits and is slightly stickier as a result.

  • FRENZIED HEMP ground baits
  • Specimen Mix - A coarse hemp based mix for carp, bream & tench
  • Match - A fine match mix - also available in black

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hemp Specimen Mix Groundbait 900g

SKU: DY452
Only 5 left in stock
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