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- Heavy and Light Katapults available
- Suitable for use with boilies and particles
- Three sizes of spare pouch
- Spare elastics in Heavy and Light available

The Korda Katapult was a long time in development, but it was worth it! The result is the perfect range of catapults and accessories, which will cover you for baiting at short and long range, with particles or boilies. We've made a Heavy Katapult, which is teamed with a small pouch for firing boilies a long way, and the Light Katapult, which has a larger pouch and is perfect for mass baiting with particles. The special rotating collars, into which the elastics fit, help to reduce annoying twist, and increase the life of your elastics. Spare pouches and spare elastics are available.

Korda Katapult Bait Catapult

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