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This pattern has been a huge seller since Tom Dove first came up with it back in 2014, and has accounted for countless big fish both at home and abroad, and even some monsters of other species well in excess of 100lb, in Thailand. The unique shape features a very wide gape, with quite a short, curved shank into a slightly in-turned eye – the in-turned effect is accentuated by the shape of the shank and the way it sweeps round to the eye. The point, which is slightly beaked, is offset and this shape helps it to ‘Krank’ its way in once it takes an initial hold. These hooks are very strong, and feature a micro barb which won’t hinder penetration, but once in, will ensure that the hook stays in place. A barbless version is also available. The Krank can be used with a wide variety of different rigs and is incredibly effective even with a simple knotless knot, or it can be used on more complicated set-ups, such as the Spinner Rig which Tom Dove favours himself. There is also a stepped-up heavy duty Krank X version, which is designed for use in very weedy or snaggy conditions, or when fishing more extreme continental waters. Each packet contains ten hooks, in barbed or barbless, with a choice of sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, plus a size 1 in the Krank X version.

Korda Krank Hooks

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