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Method Feeder Clip

The Method Feeder Clip simply clips onto the hookbait plate of any of the Method feeders in the Guru range, with different sizes designed to match the feeders – the large will fit the 28g and 45g feeders.

As well as keeping your hookbait right in amongst your loosefeed, it also allows you to effectively fish very short hook links without the associated problems that usually accompany those – difficulty in tying them and increased potential for hook-pulls due to the close proximity of the feeder to the hook during the fight – as once a fish is hooked your hooklink will pull free from the Method Feeder Clip, and you will be back to playing it on your normal length of hooklink.

It will also come in very useful on venues that ban bolt rigs as you can fish it with a running feeder, but still get the self-hooking effect that a bolt rig would give, as the clip grips the line until a fish is hooked.

If you are using it with a pop-up then there is no need for any counter-balance weight, simply place the hooklink in the clip to set the required distance that you want your hookbait to sit above the loosefeed. Or you can use it to make sure that a bottom bait stays right in amongst the groundbait even once fish have disturbed it.

This is going to be a big hit with match and pleasure anglers, but is also likely to find favour with specimen anglers who want to use the Method and fish very short hook links. This is one of those incredibly simple products which can make a big difference to your catch rate!

*Method Feeder Not included*

Guru Method Feeder Clip

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