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If you want a strong smelling groundbait then this is for you. Red in colour and unmistakable in its potent smell of spicy sausage this is the ideal groundbait for heavily coloured water in commercials or on rivers as the fish rely on their sense of smell rather than eyesight.

Developed on a crushed pellet and fishmeal base with added meat and bone meal along with Spicy Sausage Flavour this is the meatiest groundbait we can make. Perfect for all species but has found favour with specialist anglers for Carp, Barbel, Bream and Chub.

It can be fished on a Method feeder, through a cage feeder or simply balled in, it also acts as a great carrier for other baits and has seen some amazing catches when using meat as a hookbait.

Ade Kiddell (Specialist Angler) says "This is the smelliest groundbait I have ever used, perfect for the river when it is in flood as the scent washes through the flow and attracts fish to the feeder"

Sonubaits Spicy Meaty Method Mix Groundbait 2kg

SKU: S1770001
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