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Lilly Pad Pond

This is the perfect pond for everyone from children and beginners  to seasoned anglers alike. Stocked with lots of fish including Rudd, Roach, Perch , Crucians and few Carp ranging from 6oz to 2lb to make fishing interesting. Simple pegs and lack of trees make it great for small children learning to cast and to practice their skills.

Skill level: Easy, catches of over 100 fish are a regular occurrence.

Price £6 all anglers

Tickets run from 0800 to Dusk or 19:00 whichever sooner.


A simple float rig will catch lots of fish in here , small hooks of around size 16 to 20. Maggot is king on here, feed a little and often basis and if you are after the bigger fish then a change from fishing up in the water to fishing the bottom. Also a bait change to corn or 4mm soft hooker pellet also works just as well.

Rules and Bait regulations.

  1. A landing net is needed, however this can be shared between 2 anglers, as long as they are fishing next to each other.

  2. Barbless hooks only and all anglers must have a disgorger .

  3. No keepnets allowed.

  4. 1 rod only.

  5. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  6. Do not leave you rod unattended.

  7. Do not stand with any fish, please kneel and unhook all fish in the net. 

  8. No elasticated method feeders to be used

  9. No fishing on the access road bank.

  10. No trout pellet, high oil pellet, Cat or dog Meat. Luncheon meat may be used as hook bait only, do not use as feed. Bread is permitted as a hook bait only, do not use floating bread or bread as feed. No particle baits or seeds except for hemp and sweetcorn.

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