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Pleasure Lake

The Pleasure Lake
​This  is a picturesque, tree lined lake at around 1.5 acres in size. Depth to around 4 foot with numerous lily beds and margin features that hold fish. The Pleasure lake has the same species as the Pine lake but they are a bigger average size, with Carp to mid doubles, Tench to 6lb, the Welsh Crucian record of 2lb 12oz , Chub, some Ide, Rudd and Roach, good size Bream and some nice Perch to well over 3lb. The Roach fishing on this lake can be truly amazing at times.

Adult £12 (Age 16 to 65)
Consession £10 (I.D required)
Tickets run from 08:00 till dusk or 19:00 which ever sooner.
Tickets must be purchased before fishing commences. Anybody caught without a ticket will be required to pay an additional £5 bank collection fee.
No more than one guest per paying angler, including children.
No pets.

Rules and Bait regulations
  1. Single barbless hooks only​​. All rigs must be safe and capable of ejecting the lead/feeder etc in the event of line breakage. No braided Mainline. No elasticated method feeders. No Keepnets.

  2. Each angler must have an unhooking mat and suitably sized landing net and this must be dipped before fishing. All fish must be landed using a net regardless of size. Anglers are not permitted to share landing nets or unhooking mats.

  3. No trout pellet, high oil pellet, Cat or dog Meat. Luncheon meat may be used as hook bait only, do not use as feed. Bread is permitted as a hook bait only, do not use floating bread or bread as feed. No particle baits or seeds except for hemp and sweetcorn.

  4. No standing or walking with fish, all fish must be landed with a net and unhooked on the mat.

  5. Maximum of one rod to be fished at any time. 

  6. Do not leave your rod unattended, anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave. 

  7. ​strictly no wading for any reason. If you lose a rod you must contact a member of staff for retrieval, this will also incur a charge of £10. 

John Webb Mirror.jpg

​The method feeder works well on here as does pellet waggler up in the water and pinging pellet over the top. The margins can be very productive with float or feeder and bottom fished Boilie has been responsible for many of the better carp on this lake, although specimen carp type tactics do not tend to be very productive. If fishing with boilie a maximum size 8 hook is advised and leads of no more than 1-1.5oz with a hook link around 9lb.
Winter fishing with worm, bread punch, expanders and corn and feed 4mm and 2mm pellet over the top. 

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