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Marsh Lake (Catfish)

The time has finally arrived, we officially open the long awaited Catfish lake from the 16th April 2021. Marsh lake is a stunning lake with mature trees and reed lined margins. Size is approx 2 acres with depths to over 8ft deep, with lots of sub surface features.

This lake was formerly known as the Karpium and was drained down in 2019 with the Carp being removed and stocked with Catfish from the Old Lake which were left alone for 18 months to settle in their new home.  During the closed period we have had a couple of trial nights to check the catch rates and have been impressed to say the least, with Cats to mid 40lb coming out on a few occasions. With the Catfish being the main species, we have put a running rig set up rule in place, this is a far better and safer way to fish. With a good head of Catfish to over 46lb and more to come in the near future, we are sure this lake is going to be very popular. 


Price £26 per 24 hours  

Call 01248 713410 to book. Payment taken in full at time of booking.

Minimum booking 24 hours.

Please ensure you have read the rules and understand the tackle requirements below, before booking as refunds will not be given if you turn up with unsuitable tackle.

  • Start time is 11am to 11am, if you turn up after 11am you will still need to leave by 11am on day of departure.

  • Gates must be kept closed and locked at all times, regardless of how many times you go through them.

  • Strictly catch and release. Anybody caught removing, moving or damaging/hurting/killing any fish will be reported to the appropriate authority and prosecuted.  

  • One angler and one bivvy per swim. Proper Carp type shelters/bivvies must be used, NO TENTS. All shelters must be on the swim, not on the grass.

  • Full Carp or Catfish setup's are required which include appropriate rods, reels, alarms and bank sticks/pods. Do not turn up with feeder/match rods, wire V rests etc and expect to be able to fish.

  • Minimum 50" Landing Net required. One 50" net minimum per angler, strictly no sharing. 50" nets are available at a discounted price of £12.50 if purchased with a ticket. subject to availability.

  • Max 2 rods only. 

  • Do not leave your rods unattended or with another angler/guest at any time, for any reason. failure to follow this will result in an instant Ban with no refunds.

  • Minimum 20lb breaking strain mainline, No Braided mainline. We recommend 25lb-30lb mono with a meter of tubing.

  • Catfish mats, walled unhooking mat, or cradles only, these must be large enough to hold fish of 50lb plus. Minimum one per angler, strictly no sharing of equipment

  • Running rigs only with no swivels, stop knots, links etc to be used above lead. Lead must be capable of falling off easily if mainline breaks.

  • No wire traces.

  • Barbless single hooks to be used. One single hook per rig.

  • No standing with Catfish or any other fish.

  • Do not retain catfish in a sack or sling. You may keep a captured fish in the landing net for no more than 5 mins while camera etc is set up. 

  • All hook holds or scratches etc must be treated with propolis or similar.

  • No litter of any description including cigarette ends. Do not discard off cuts of line on the ground.

  • No live or dead baits allowed. Worms, leaches and maggot are permitted

  • Luncheon meat, chicken liver etc can be used, but only as hook baits. Do not discard unused meat into the lake or anywhere on site.

  • One non fishing wife/partner may share the same Bivvy as the angler at a cost of £5 per night. Guest must not be left in charge or use rods at any time. No friends, buddies to stay. Strictly no visitors are permitted on the lake.

  • Drinking strictly in moderation. Anybody deemed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave. Not being able to get up to a run will not be tolerated.

  •  No doing what bears do in the woods, no excuses, toilets are on-site, anybody caught or reported doing this will be banned and made famous on social media.

  • Lake Etiquette: Please show respect to other anglers. No loud music/Tv. No shouting or unruly behaviour. Do not damage any property, vegetation, wildlife etc. Boats are strictly for staff use. No dogs, guns or weapons are permitted.

  • The Old lake syndicate is private and roaming around it is not permitted.

  • By fishing at Llyn y Gors, you agree to follow the rules set out and by failing to following the rules, you may be asked to leave and no refund will be given. You also agree that by being onsite, you do so at your own risk and Llyn y Gors and it's staff, are not responsible for any injury to any person, damage to property, theft or acts of God that may occur.

  • To book please call 01248713410,  full payment is taken for all sessions at time of booking. Please ensure you have read the rules above before booking as fees are non refundable. You may change your booking date once with at least 48hrs notice, but you will incur a charge of £5 per angler, you cannot change your booking more than once.

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