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Old Carp Lake Syndicate

The Old lake is now no longer available to day ticket anglers. If you would like to be considered for a place on the syndicate ( which includes the Old carp lake and Catfish Lake) please contact us on 01248713410 or by Email and we can arrange a viewing of the lakes for you.

Price is £495 and runs from April 1st to March 31st.
A beautiful natural looking lake with lots of features. There are 20 pegs on the lake, but limited to a maximum of 15 anglers at any one time with rarely more than 7-8 anglers even at weekends.  Each swim has its own features to fish to, with 7 islands throughout the 4.5 acre lake there are plenty of hiding places for the fish. This Lake can be challenging at times and may not be the best choice for the inexperienced angler, but get it right and there can be multiple captures. Lakes like this are getting harder to find,  we have kept the lake looking natural as it can be, without being too wild and commercial, an ethos, that has stayed with all previous owners to the present day. Depth of the lake ranges from 3-6ft.
​The stock is around 300 Carp to 32lb plus, which are hand picked for looks not just size. We have a good assortment of Carp, from Scaly Mirrors to Ghosties and commons, with stock supplied in different age groups by VS fisheries, Priory fisheries, the odd Simmo and Old lake originals. The Lake is fully secured with an Otter fence to protect the stock and Coded locked gates so the Angler should have no concerns about non members roaming around the Lake. The car park is also secure and locked at night.

 Llyn Y Gors Old Lake rules

Proper Carp setups are required, no feeder rods, poles, Tents, etc.

  • At least 18” or 45cm of rig tubing to be used with no knots, swivels, clips etc above rig tube.

  • Hooks can be barbless or micro barbed unless used with a lead clip. No fully barbed or budget hooks. Single hook rigs only.

  • If lead clips are to be used, it must be used with a barbless hook and set so as the lead can easily discharge. There is no requirement for the lead to discharge during the take.

  • A minimum 42” net is required along with a cradle or walled unhooking mat of adequate size. All Nets and equipment must be dipped each time you visit unless it is left onsite.

  • Minimum main line of 15lb. No braided mainline except for Spod and Marker setups.

  • Only high quality frozen or stabilized boilie, Pellet, corn, hemp and barley may be used. Barley must be supplied by the fishery. Other particles are not to be used. No nuts are to be used as bait or feed at any time. No high attract boilies (50/50) to be used at any time.

  • No Pike fishing, dead bait, live baits, wire traces etc.

  • Gates to the lake must be kept closed and locked at all times without exception. Do not give the code for the gate to any other person.

  • Fishing is from designated swims only.

  • Shelters must be on your swim not on the grass.

  • No leaving rods unattended or with other anglers/Partners. Wind in if you need to leave your swim. After winding in, ensure your rigs are safe from birds and other Wildlife.

  • 2 rods may be used between March 1st and October 31st. 3 rods on certain swims are permitted from 1st November to February 28th.

  • If you cast into a tree or snag up, do not pull for a break, contact a member of staff or use the boat along with a life jacket.

  • No loud music/tv, shouting across the lake or unruly behaviour. Alcohol to be consumed in moderation, if in doubt wind in and sleep it off. Not being able to wake up to a run will not be tolerated.

  • You are welcome to have a wife/partner stay for the duration of your stay. No friends, buddies or visitors are permitted on the lake at any time.

  • No fires, BBQ’s can be used if they are raised from the floor and ashes are disposed of sensibly.

  • No litter of any description to be left including cigarette butts. Do not discard fishing line, use the recycling bucket in the shop.

  • Anybody caught or reported doing “what Bears do in the woods” anywhere except in the toilets provided will be banned instantly. If you use a bucket in the bivvy do not discard the waste in the bins, TAKE IT HOME!.

  • All tickets to be paid in full before fishing may commence.

                 Fish care 

Please use Carp care treatment on any wounds and hook holds.

Strictly no standing while holding fish. Keep the fish low over a cradle or mat while taking photos.

Ensure fish are kept wet when out of the water and do not leave them unattended. Fish are to be released as quickly as possible; you may retain a fish in a floatation sling for a short period (5ish mins) while camera equipment is readied (No sacks). Do not retain fish to take daytime shots, photograph them at night or release them.

  • IMPORTANT. All anglers must remove the hook link from the mainline or unhook the fish in landing net before lifting the fish, the landing net should then be collapsed and transferred to a sling in the water before being lifted onto a suitable cradle. Please ensure the hook is not attached to the landing net or sling in any way before lifting fish out of the water as this is a major contributor to mouth damage. We understand that this may come across as a bit tedious, however this is the best way to reduce mouth damage to the fish and should give us good condition Carp to enjoy for years to come. We also suggest bringing 2 landing nets to avoid the possibility of having no spare net in the event of a run on the second rod whilst dealing with an already landed fish.

  • In the event of a double take, ensure any landed fish are returned back to the water before  playing the second fish.


The following are permitted as long as they are done/used sensibly.

Bait boats, baiting poles, surface fishing, plastic baits, Zigs.


The following is not permitted: Use of rowing boats except for freeing fish or removing rigs from trees/snags, Wading, destruction or damage to lakeside vegetation or property, Guns, using rocks on swims to weigh down pegs etc (buy longer pegs).


By Joining The Old lake membership you agree to follow the rules set out. Failure to follow the rules may result in a ban from the fishery with no refund given. You also agree that by fishing at llyn Y Gors, you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible for any injury to you, your partner or damage to your property whilst on site.

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