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Using the same process as our 22 and 30mm hook pellets this is a super durable, tough pop-up hookbait with a slow breakdown to avoid the attention of nuisance fish when fishing for specimen carp and catfish. Designed to be used with our matching Belachan 22 and 30mm hookbaits and containing fermented shrimp – a proven big fish flavour.
The texture of the bait is still soft enough though to pass a baiting needle through – with no need for drilling first.
These baits are super buoyant, so much so a single pop-up can hold up at least two of its equivalent hook pellets. Ideal to make your hook bait stand out, balance your hook-bait or as a single visual hook-bait.

Dynamite Baits Fluro Catfish Carp Pop-Up Pellets

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