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Basix Distance Sticks

The Basix Distance Sticks have designed to allow you to ‘clip-up’ at the required distance as easily and accurately as possible, ensuring that you can recast to the same spot repeatedly, with your fishing rods and spod. Keeping a record of your spots will also mean that you are able to fish them again on future sessions, should you find ones that are productive. These distance sticks have a stainless steel point to allow them to easily be pushed or screwed into the ground, and a green cord of exactly 12ft on length is supplied with them, so that they can easily be set the same distance apart each time. A T-bar is also supplied to ensure they go into almost any ground with ease. The Basix Distance Sticks are made from a stylish grey anodised aluminium with bright green end caps on the top for increased visibility – especially in low light or when using them with a headtorch at night. The caps can be unscrewed so that the T-bar can be stored inside, to ensure it isn’t lost when not in use.

Korda Basix Distance sticks

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